Helping the human body

in a more human way.

Introducing Heal House, a new kind of health and wellness centre. We take a holistic approach to health, giving each client a custom health plan based on core disciplines from modern medicine to naturopathy, TCM and homeopathy. Everyone deserves to take the time to attend to their body and mind. Welcome to a more civilized approach to healthcare.

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The experience

Step into the home and you’ll be greeted by a supportive community and a cup of nutrient-rich tea. Start with a thorough health assessment using a non-invasive biofeedback machine. Discuss your results with a health professional and finish off with your very own custom health plan. Stay for a treatment or take a breather for yourself. This your time to focus on you and your health.

Our bodies are complex

It’s important to take the time to understand the intricate ways that all parts of your body and mind affect each other. Symptoms only tell us so much. Our health professionals focus on diagnosing the root cause of your condition so that we can develop a tailored health plan for treating your condition and strengthening your immune system.

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